Today, there are thousands of varietes of products are used in garden, car washing and househould line. Eighty percent of these tools are produced in China, while the rest shared by the rest of world.

In 1998, Ningbo Aeon Plastics Co. , Ltd, has taken a decision to make a new plant, the place that chosen is one of the most attractive place in Ningbo. It is among trees, beside Dongqian Lake, a place looks like paradise, a place gives inspire of invention and improving, a place which has only 30 minutes drive away from Ningbo port. The new plant is dedicate to manufacture garden tools and irrigation products, products that inspired from that circumstance.

Imaging what kind of products that can be produced in 70,000 square meters at that paradise, minimum 100’s workers, 10’s technicians and 10’s employees!!

Of course , the product will be a piece of imagination, dream mixed with reality and the dream became true, the highest quality product at very competitive price.

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  • CIMG1682
  • CIMG1724
  • CIMG1868
  • 3 way garden hose connect
  • 水车架
  • PVC水管水车架
  • 伸缩管水车架
  • 弹簧管水车架
  • 6 10 PU